Welcome to Calapuna’s British Shorthairs.

Our name are Chris Bronsteijn & Nathalie Drexler.


And we are living in a small village ' Spijkenisse'in Holland.

We’ve been breeding British Shorthairs sinds 1999.

But Nathalie have sinds 1984 British blue girl’s at her parents home.

In 1998 we buy our own house en there was now time for us own British girl.

We purchased our first British Shorthair lilac tortie and we fell in love immediately, we now breed British Blue, Lilac's - Crème , Tortie’s


We are member of Felikat { Fife } and show our cats in all these organizations.

We breed for quality not quantity and our goal is to produce cats that are healthy, happy and very beautiful. All of our kittens are raised with lots of love

All our cats are tested on HCM & PKD.


Sometimes we have kittens of HCM and PKD tested parents.

For questions , please contact us.